Saturday, September 4, 2010

car modification

actually start in creating a car is a tool to help us move or in any transport tation, in ancient days, cars used as modernsasi other than motor vehicles,and anyone who has the luxury vehicles will be lifted and the first name only in use by several people such as nobles and other wealthy people,
Namu mingkin now we get it already used-car lot that we can get to easily, but his condition is not good, so do the modifications necessary at very minimal cost,

Friday, September 3, 2010

my car modification

if I had a car I would buy a car and sedan models will be my modifications like the cars in tokyo drift movie because the car will bring us a more lifted, especially when the match with a style that people will modrn Oran-tau

modifiation tokyo drift

tokyo drift movie boom in the market where many people struggle menoton about the car is modified,very great because there are several prominent players have been very famous uanhg
tokyo drif modification stems from the development of Japanese cars by teenagers that they creatively integrate technology into sehinnga sanagt all good for the movie not because of their creativity
just look at a lot of motor bike is perfect in doing tentinya also by people who are very creativehopefully the picture below can be an inspiration for you yanag, au modify his car

my beutifull car

at least when having my own car will replace the seats in my car with bright color so that all who enter my car too happy for my car this atmosphere, and I'll replace the foam with a soft foam like a hundred percent cotton and I'll replace it with a form that follows the contours of my body, my bones hurt sehinnga not even a day of car seats
surely with the bright colors and neon lampulampu which gives the impression racing, will kupadukan also with sophisticated accessories with several television in place in front of the appliance putarya dvd player will make passengers feel comfortable and bring a concept carSophisticated and classy, so I'm not embarrassed to show to my friends

after all is not completely forgotten I perabaiki Conditioning air conditioning car with a more cool, and kutaburkan fragrant scent of nature, to give the impression comfortable in this car, den after all it will complete

tired of car

car seat, when I look at the nice car is extremely comfortable and fashionable as if you occupy your foam made from a cloud that must have been very comfortable when in possession especially with the cool air and without an earthquake shock did not bother me,but the fact that there are now, as in public transport, you're hard like a board made from the skin especially who are unable to absorb the smell of sweat with the people who once occupied mu

Photo courtesy Goodyear
A tire designed to help prevent hydroplaning

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

car modification shop

when choosing a sales and service your car modifications, must memlalui some very accurate selection with the intention that you are not wrong in choosing where to modify because you will spend a lot of money but you get the results not comparable to what you spend, it is very in love a,,
some of which you should include selection- There are many customers at his shop- Workshop has been very long standing- Many stories of your friends about these workshops,-And others

modification of car

turned out to modify your car is not as easy as people think, they must have special skills and have experience, because if your car is not just a matter pepmbelajran you try to make them so expensive but the result is satisfactory although why not,

and to select materials on the need to modify must be careful, because many false premises goods cheaper price, and to wear it a few months is already damaged goods like junk, and it is not one we also memeperhatikan items to be purchased make sure you sign the authenticity of the goods, brkan expensive but looked strong and durable